Functional beauty from Finland

Quality roofing since 1949

Katepal Oy is the leading Finnish manufacturer of bitumen products. Its range covers a wide variety of bitumen-based roofing and waterproofing materials produced on modern and highly automated machinery.

Why Katepal?

Functional beauty from Finland

Weather adaptive

Our volatile climate can be a resource, as it allows us to experience freezing winters, sweltering summers and autumn storms. This allows the bitumen roofing to shine.

Functional beauty from Finland

Suits all landscapes

We respect the landscape while building houses, and a bitumen roof ages beautifully. Its surface does not peel, rust or grow dimmer.

Functional beauty from Finland

All-natural colours

Our roofing materials come in all the colours of the northern nature. You will be able to utilize the most comprehensive colour map on the markets, as well as four different shingle models.

Functional beauty from Finland

Easy to install

We are a nation of builders. Thus, we love discovering an easily operable domestic roofing material - one that almost invites the builders to construct their roofs themselves.

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