Balconies and terraces

The new, self-adhesive products Balcony Underlay (TL 2) and Balcony Top Sheet (TL 2), developed by Katepal Oy, are excellent for a do-it-yourself constructor. Using a combination of membranes allows a builder to build a VE80-class water insulation without any hot work. On top of the top sheet, it is possible to install, for instance, wooden grates or a terrace boarding understructure.

Self-adhesive Balcony Membranes are used in balconies and terraces with external water removal. The base may be made from concrete or wood (such as a rough-sawn board or a roof board). The concrete platform is spread with bitumen solution K-80 (primer), using adhesive application, before the membranes are installed.

The balcony insulation can also be performed with a traditionally welded or bonded TL2 class elastomer bitumen membranes (K-MS + K-PS). In these cases, the creator must have a valid hot work card for roof and water insulation work and a hot work license for the target in question. We recommend, for performing the water insulation, a thermal technique, when the water removal from the balcony happens through a roof well and water cannot go over the edge of the balcony.

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