Why Katepal?


The starting point of our planning is the beautiful, harsh Northern nature. The tones in our colour map go well together during all seasons. We have defined the technical features of the shingles so that the roof is durable and operates safely in all conditions. When you choose a Katepal roof, you don't need to make any compromises.

Our volatile climate can be a resource, as it allows us to experience freezing winters, sweltering summers and autumn storms. This allows the bitumen roofing to shine.

We use, in all of our roofing, SBS elastomer bitumen, which lasts twice as long as an ordinary bitumen roof. It is not disturbed by the extreme weather of the north. The material, being Finnish and durable, is flexible, even during the summer days when the roof may be 80 degrees hot, or -35 during winter nights. 

A bitumen roof is always installed to a proper base, which efficiently insulates sound and heat and operates correctly regarding moisture. A base made from shingles and boards is additionally sturdy and secure even during installation. 

During winter, the snow stays securely on the roof due to the rough surface instead of falling on yards, on people or on pieces of gardening. Even separate snow traps are not needed. You will not be disturbed by the rain even during the worst thunderstorms. The water goes where it should. 

We can readily offer a guarantee of 15 years for such a roof.

We also respect the landscape while building houses. A bitumen roof ages beautifully. Its surface does not peel, rust or grow dimmer.

The granule surface of a bitumen roof, during years, has been considered to be the best for these landscapes. We also know that the beauty can be maintained and that the surface will not become wrinkly or rusty. The maintenance of the roof is simple. In addition to landscaping, we pay attention to nature in our other operations. 

Katepal is a Finnish company, and our products include the key flag symbol.

We saved the colours of the Northern nature to roof materials. You will be able to utilize the most comprehensive colour map on the markets, as well as four different shingle models. 

You can now select a roof to your house, giving it strong protection and a finished look. The colours picked from Finnish nature are good both for the city's urban image and the rural landscape.

We are a nation of builders. Thus, it is nice to easy to find an easily workable domestic roof material, one that you would wish to install yourself.

You can install a Katepal shingle yourself, as your product has been designed for a do-it-yourself builder. Bitumen shingle roof is light and also easy to work during a freeze. You don't need special tools, and the shingle bends well to suit a variety of roofs.

You are helped by clear installation directions, but if there are questions, you may always call or email Katepal's technical roof support. You may also have professionals perform the entire project. In this case, you will be aided by the reliable contractors of the Katepal Kattajat chain. Their contact details can be found here.