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A guaranteed-strength bitumen roof

Katepal grants a 15-year warranty for Kattolaatat shingles.



Katepal elastomer bitumen roofing shingles give the DIY-builder access to professional quality performance.

Katepal now brings the material used by roofing professionals, SBS elastomer bitumen, within reach of DIY-builders, throughout the entire range of designs and colours.

SBS elastomer bitumen is a really superior material of roofing shingles and it's properties far exceed those of other roofing shingle materials. That is why it truly deserves the name SuperKatepal.


SuperFoxy is the leading edge of roofing shingles. A new shape of shingle with a traditional elegant appearance.

The elastomer bitumen of Foxy shingles will keep the granules tightly attached. A tough granular surface offers these shingles durability that lasts for a long time; the Foxy roof maintains both its quality and its colour. Like with other Katepal roofing shingles, the Foxy shingles can handle being bent both ways very well.

You can easily install the Foxy roofing shingles yourself, just as with other Katepal shingles. Each package includes installation directions with pictures.

The basic colour of Foxy shingles has been shaded lightly with black granules. No matter which shingle you choose, you will be sure to obtain carefree, elegant and durable roofing, from year and decade to another.



  • Ready roofing 3 m2 / package
  • 22 pcs / pack
  • 36 Packages / pallet
  • Package weight 25 kg

Suitable for

  • Diy installation
  • Renovation
  • New buildings
  • For steep roofs, minimum slop 1:5 = n. 12°