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katepal shingles - good roofing material fits the landscape and enhances the elegance of your house

Modern bitumen shingles and bitumen membranes have proved to be durable in both scorching tropical and freezing arctic weather conditions. That’s why, for example, in the USA, over 80 % of pitched roofs are covered with bitumen roofing shingles.

Durability is not the only reason why bitumen shingles are the stylish and intelligent roofing choice of the modern builder. It is the whole system that tips the scales in favour of bitumen shingles – add to durability the great appearance of the new bitumen shingles, ease of installation and maintenance, and reasonable costs – and you will have no difficulty in making the decision.

The granular surfacing adheres to the elastomer bitumen of the new Katepal roofing shingles even better than before. A strong granular surfacing improves the durability of the roof; the Katepal roof keeps its surfacing and colour.

Thanks to the rough surface snow stays on the roof and does not fall on pavements or garden plants. In rain and hard wind bitumen roofing shingles are comfortably quiet.