Radon barrier

Radon barrier and insulation 
The National Building Code of Finland stipulates that dwellings must be built in such a way that radon concentrations do not exceed the permissible limits (200 Bq/m³). In most areas in Finland radon insulation according to the guideline (RT 81-10791) is compulsory for new build regardless of radon concentrations at the site.

Katepal Foundation Wall and Radon Barrier Membrane meets the official (Finnish) requirements for radon barriers, and as a torching membrane it is easy to fix to the plinth and foundations. Roll sizes are 1 m x 10 m and 0.5 m x 10 m.

The Finnish climate, temperature differences, ground frost, large amounts of meltwater in spring and the relatively high radon content of the soil create exceptional conditions for building foundations and other structures in ground contact.

All structures must be protected against rain and meltwater as well as damage caused by ground frost and frost heave. Rising damp must be prevented. In buildings with below-ground facilities the moisture load caused by diffusion affecting the walls from the inside must also be allowed for. If the radon content of the soil is above stipulated levels, the structures must be insulated so that the radon content of indoor air does not exceed permissible levels (200 Bq/m³).

Katepal Oy's products have been developed for the challenging Finnish conditions and for locally used structural solutions.


Foundation Wall and Radon Barrier Membrane