Bitumen solutions and adhesives - Asphalt repair FIX-5


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A guaranteed-strength bitumen roof

Katepal grants a 15-year warranty for Kattolaatat shingles.

Asphalt repair FIX-5


Bitumen-based asfalt repair compound.

Recommended use:
For filling and fixing holes in asphalt paving.

How to use:
Clean the surface of all loose debris with a brush. If the surfaces are very dusty it is recommended to use K-80 Primer first. Fill the hole so that the level of FIX-5 is 2-3 cm higher than the final level.  Compact the compound with for example a piece of batten.

Min. working temperature +5 °C. Dust dry in around 5 hours at +20°C. Hardening time 1–14 days depending on the thickness of the layers.

Instructions for environmental protection:
Empty packaging and dried product can be taken to a landfill. Undried product is counted as hazardous waste. Must be disposed of in accordance with waste management legislation and instructions from the environmental authorities.

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