Bitumen solutions and adhesives - Primer K-100


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A guaranteed-strength bitumen roof

Katepal grants a 15-year warranty for Kattolaatat shingles.

Primer K-100

KBL 20/100

Black, cold-applied thin elastomer bitumen primer. Includes special bitumen solution, elastomer and active adhesive agents.

How to use:
Clean and dry the surfaces to be treated, if necessary. Use a brush or a roller to apply or spray with one layer of Bitumen solution K-100. The surface must be completely dry before it is treated further. Consumption 0.1…0.3 l/m2. Stains and tools are cleaned up mechanically, using white spirit or mineral turpentine.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not apply to a hot surface, mix with hot bitumen or brush the coated surface with hot bitumen immediately after the application.


Drying time around 2-3 hours at + 20 °C, depending on the thickness of the layers. In cold, damp conditions, the drying time may be many times longer.


In a dry place protected against sunlight and heat.

Instructions for environmental protection:
Empty package and a dried product can be taken to a landfill. Waste including fresh product is hazardous waste, which needs to be disposed of in accordance with waste management legislation and instructions from the environmental authorities.


EAN Litres / package Kg / package packages / pallet
6417443510081 200 180 4
6417443510074 20 18 36
6417443510012 0.4 0.4 480
Litres / package200
Kg / package180
packages / pallet4
Litres / package20
Kg / package18
packages / pallet36
Litres / package0.4
Kg / package0.4
packages / pallet480


Use: As a primer for concrete, plaster, metal and similar surfaces in challenging applications.
For outdoor use only.
Application: Brush, roll or spray
Consumption: 0,1 - 0,3 l /m3 / m2
Thinner and cleaning of equipment: white spirit or mineral turpentine