Bitumen solutions and adhesives - Katepal-roof coating K-50


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A guaranteed-strength bitumen roof

Katepal grants a 15-year warranty for Kattolaatat shingles.

Katepal-roof coating K-50


Flexible bitumen roof coating with matte finish. Includes special bitumen, active adhesive agents, non-drip agents and filler materials that improve weather resistance.

How to use:
Brush or wash the roof surface to remove all dust and loose rocks. Use sealing compound K-36 and pieces of felt to block all holes. Remember to also seal the edges of pass-throughs. On bitumen roofs the surfaces which are dry and cracked should first be treated with bitumen solution K-80. Allow the primer to dry well, preferably a few days. On tin plate roofing remove flaking from rusted spots on the tin roof as well as possible and apply bitumen solution K-80. Seams, pass-throughs and any small holes should be mended with sealing compound K-36 and glass fabric.

Mix a sufficient amount of coating in one container for the whole roof surface at once in order to avoid different shades. Spread the coating with a semi-soft brush. The painted surface must be dry and the dried surface should be protected against moisture. Working temperature +5…+25 °C. Consumption for felt roofs 0.5…0.7 l/m2 and for tin roofs 0.4…0.6 l/m2. Stains and tools are cleaned up mechanically, using mineral turpentine (white spirit).

Black, flexible and weather-proof roof coating. Drying time 3–4 hours at +20 °C.

In a dry place protected against sunlight and heat. Storing at room temperature at least 24 hours before use is recommended.

Instructions for environmental protection:
Empty packaging and dried product can be taken to a landfill. Waste including fresh product is hazardous waste. Must be disposed of in accordance with waste management legislation and instructions from the environmental authorities.



EAN Litres / package Kg / package packages / pallet
6417443505087 200 220 4
6417443505070 20 22 36
6417443505063 10 11 60
Litres / package200
Kg / package220
packages / pallet4
Litres / package20
Kg / package22
packages / pallet36
Litres / package10
Kg / package11
packages / pallet60


Use: For coating tin plates, bitumen corrugated plates and felt roofs and attaching protective revetment.
Application: brush
Consumption: bitumen roof 0,5 - 0,7 l /m2/per layer metal roofing 0,4 - 0,6 l /m2/per layer
Thinner and cleaning of equipment: white spirit or mineral turpentine