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Drip trim

Katepal drip trim for eaves and verges


Colour EAN Package weight (kg) Packages / pallet Lisätiedot
Black 6417443725010 16 50 Sold in packs
Package weight (kg)16
Packages / pallet50
LisätiedotSold in packs


1. The drip trim is connected to the platform from its upper edge, using zigzag fastening, with 10 cm gaps, using felt nails or thin plate screws.  In the spliced part, the plates are interleaved for a length of approximately 5 cm and a small piece of the double-folded edge is cut from the lower edge of the shingle which is pushed inside, as well as a slanted piece of the front edge for a matching part, so the lengthening piece can be interleaved smoothly. From the lengthening piece, the attachment goes through both plates, with 2-3 attachments from the roofing surface.

2. A self-adhesive verge shingle is installed on top of the drip trims at the eaves. The plastic on the lower surface is removed and the shingle pushed in place.


Material: coated steel (black / RR33)
Strength: 0,5 mm
Size: 200 x 14 x 5 cm
Packaging: 10 items = 20 jm (usable length 1,95 m / plate)